Quote Competition – Terms & Conditions

  1. Entries will be accepted if submitted to us @StartClimbingUK by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email to win@StartClimbing.UK
  2. Entries submitting multiple quotations will be accepted but no more than 5 quotes  can be submitted per entrant.
  3. Quotations can be from other people e.g. famous climbers, (but the originator must be cited), traditional with no source or personally made up ones. Entries using someone else’s quote will not be eligible to win the prize unless the originators name is included in the entry.
  4. Quotations should be inspirational in nature and relevant to climbers, although they do not need to be specifically about climbing.
  5. The competition is only open to entries from within the UK and prize will only be posted within the UK.
  6. Entries are open to all ages. If entering on behalf of a child under 18, please make this clear in your entry. If under 18 and entering, please ensure you have parental permission.
  7. Closing date is 31st December 2018 at 11:59pm. The winning entry will be decided and the winner contacted by the end of January 2019. Contact will be made via the same method as entry.
  8. The winning quotation will be determined by a panel of our choosing and the criteria used will purely be their opinion of the most apt and inspirational quote, suitable for use on the homepage of our site.
  9. If more than one entrant submitted the quotation chosen, then the winner will be the person who submitted it first.
  10. If the prize winner does not claim the prize within 14 days then the prize offer will be withdrawn. If more than one entrant submitted the winning quotation then the next person to submit it will win and the new winner contacted as before.
  11. If the prize is not claimed it will be donated to an event or cause supporting Climbers Against Cancer or the Dorset Bolt Fund.
  12. There is only 1 prize and that prize will be sent by second class recorded delivery within 7 days of being claimed and a postal address being provided.
  13. Personal details given to us with an entry, including name and any contact information will only be used for the management of the competition and no other purpose. Emails will not be kept once the winning quotation has been decided, except for any potential prize winners. Entries via social media will remain in the format submitted as the posts won’t be deleted.
  14. The winners details will be included in communication announcing the winning quotation. It will include no more than first name, age (for a child under 18) and either an associated town or climbing centre unless the winner agrees to more.  This extra may include things such as how they feel about winning or something of their interest in climbing.
  15. The winning quotation will be added to the homepage of StartClimbing.UK