About Us

This website came out of our own family’s love of indoor and outdoor rock climbing and is to pass on some of that love of the sport along with lots of information and advice that we’ve been collecting. A lot of the advice here isn’t normally written down, it’s things that people find out from doing and talking to others. The climbing community is very friendly and we found we knew things that could help other and they had advice that could help us. So, we specifically wanted this to be for climbing families by climbing families.

The content isn’t just ours, other climbers are also writing articles and we are covering a wide range of topics of interest to a wide range climbers at different stages in their climbing. You can find a little about these contributors and their climbing story – why they got into climbing, what they like about it, where they climb to climb.  

We would love to hear from other climbers and families who would like to add to the website. We are keen to receive articles, information about climbing centres or you might be new to climbing and have questions that we can answer or turn into articles. Use the contact form to get in touch.