Climbing Centres are great in the summer!

Climbing Centres are great in the summer!

If you’re making plans to do some outdoor climbing because (sometimes) the weather is a bit warmer and drier, don’t forget all the great things going at local indoor climbing centres this summer.

Summer leagues

Lots of climbing walls run friendly summer leagues and competitions. They’re a great way to socialise and push your climbing on routes you might not normally have a go at. They’re usually open to anyone, so whole families can enter together and compete against each other. They’re held at both lead climbing or bouldering centres. The formats may differ but will usually consist of a series of routes that will be set for a fixed time, usually at least a few weeks. You collect your entry form and try the routes, submit your form and then wait for the next challenge to be set. The series may end with a a final or prize giving. For more information contact your local wall or check our event calendar to see if there is something running close to you.

Kids Summer Holiday Schemes and sessions

Lots of kids activities stop over school holidays so this makes the summer holiday potentially a great time for a child to try something new, develop a new skill or get a bit of extra coaching. Climbing walls offer a range of different summer holiday sessions, ranging from extended opening hours, coaching schemes for a regular few hours a day or full day “drop-off” care.

To find climbing centres that offer these schemes, use our “School Holiday Sessions” filter on our venue search page.

Kids Birthday Parties

We always want it to be sunny in summer but it can never be guaranteed, especially when having to book ahead and plan a party. Any time of year is a great time to have a climbing themed birthday party and we found when interviewing top UK climbers for our 10 Questions interviews, that having or attending a climbing party was a very common entry point for them to get into the sport.

For more information about birthday parties and to find climbing centres where you can book a birthday party filter for “Birthday Parties” on our venue list.

Summer Parties and Barbecues

Parties and barbecues are really popular summer events at climbing walls and a great way to do some social climbing and have fun. They often include fun comps or challenges to have a go at, music, raffles and of course food! Check out the events listing and the noticeboards at your local wall.

Outdoor trips and coaching

Just because you want to go climbing outdoors, don’t think that your local indoor centre isn’t the first place to go. Lots of centres will either run group outdoor trips for beginners or offer indoor coaching to help beginners prepare for their first trips out on to rock. Many of these will be suitable for families or young people, in fact many junior climbing groups will be planning their own outdoor trips. There may also be other climbing clubs at the centre that you can join to go along to their outdoor meets. Check out the notice boards at your local centre or ask around and you’ll be bound to find out more.

Wet Weather

After all this is the UK and the weather isn’t always as reliable as we’d hope. If your outdoor plans have been disrupted, but you still have the urge to take a climbing trip, how about trying a new centre in a new area? Variety of setting or routes may be just what you need to test those outdoor skills ready for when the weather improves. There are some great indoor climbing centres out there!

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