10 Questions with … Valissya May

10 Questions with … Valissya May
Young climber & member of the 2019 GB Development Squad

Thank you to Valissya for letting us interview her at the British Youth Climbing Championships.

Who you are and what do you do?

My name is Valissya May and I’m a climber in the GB team.

What was your first climbing experience?

My first ever climbing experience was when I was at a camp when I was younger and we were doing top rope for fun.

How did you know that climbing was your thing?

We did it and then because it was half term we realised there was another camp at Westway Sports and Fitness and I had to go there. They did climbing and when the coaches were looking at my climbing style they said “Oh she’s ready to climb” and invited me to do NICAS.

Where is your favourite outdoor climb?

My favourite outdoor climb is in Majorca. There’s a really nice route which when you get to the top you can stand on top and see the whole scenery.
What has been your proudest climbing moment?

My proudest moment was when I went to Arco, in the Rock Festival and despite having a broken foot I still did quite well and came 5th.

What are your ambitions?

My ambitions are to go to World Cups, do really well, just become a really famous climber and make climbing great again. [Laughs]

Lead, Speed or Boulder and Why?

I do prefer speed because its just really fun and jumping on the wall, but I think I like bouldering the best. It’s really fun and you feel safer.

What are your most liked and hated healthy foods?

I’m actually not that healthy so I don’t really have a favourite. But my favourite would be tofu and food which I really hate is, kale. I absolutely hate it.

If not climbing, what sport would you be doing?

Athletics, sprinting, long jump, high jump, triple jump. That kind of stuff.

Give us an inspiring quote (either yours or someone else’s).

Get to the top!

For more information about Valissya see her Instagram account ClimberForLife

Valissya was interviewed by our contributor, Maya Patel

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