10 Questions with … Tara Hayes

10 Questions with … Tara Hayes
GB Climbing team member and former World Youth Silver Medalist

Thank you to Tara for letting us interview her after the Battle of Britain 2018.

Who you are and what do you do?

I’m Tara Hayes and I’m a member of the GB climbing team. I’ve been climbing for 12 years, mainly a competition climber, a bit outside as well.

What was your first climbing experience?

I went to an auto-belay climb in a shop for this random day out. I then joined their little children’s climbing course.

How did you know that climbing was your thing?

I just really enjoyed it. It’s just a new challenge every time I do it. I just don’t get bored of it, so I carried on (laughs).

Where is your favourite outdoor climb?

Got to say Rocklands in South Africa. There are just loads there.

What has been your proudest climbing moment?

Probably coming second at the World Youth Championships. I was also pleased to do an 8a boulder this year because I did it with a broken ankle (laughs). I could use my foot but it was still broken.

What are your ambitions?

To be a professional climber, so on the World Cup circuit. Try and do that for as long as I can and then just go away on climbing trips, have fun, try some projects.

Lead, Speed or Boulder and Why?

Definitely bouldering. I just find it’s more fun, I think it’s more varied and it’s more fun to train for. It’s a bit more sociable and yeah, just really varied.

What are your most liked and hated healthy foods?

Chicken, just normal chicken, that’s probably my favourite healthy food. Not fried chicken, just chicken. My least favourite, maybe kale. I don’t like kale.

If not climbing, what sport would you be doing?

Maybe athletics. I used to do that for school and I stopped. Or hockey, I liked hockey.

For more information about Tara check out her Instagram @Tara_Hayes05

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