10 Questions with … Rachel Carr

10 Questions with … Rachel Carr
GB Climbing & Competition Coach and BIFF2018 Champion

Thank you to Rachel for letting us interview her at the Youth Climbing Symposium at Oakwood Climbing Centre.

Who you are and what do you do?

I’m Rachel Carr. I’m a climbing coach and boulderer myself, I guess.

What was your first climbing experience?

My mum’s friends took me when I was, like, 12 and I really enjoyed it so I kept going back.

How did you know that climbing was your thing?

I turned out to be really good at it pretty quick and I really liked being strong on the wall so I stuck with it.

Where is your favourite outdoor climb?

Just one climb or climbing place? It’s got to be Fontainebleau coz there’s lots of stuff and it’s nice and close.

What has been your proudest climbing moment?

My proudest moment is actually watching one of my athletes get a gold at our British Championships.

What are your ambitions?

I’d really like to do a British 8a boulder.

Lead, Speed or Boulder and Why?

Bouldering because it’s really strong and short and doesn’t require too much attention span.

What are your most liked and hated healthy foods?

Ooh. I really like … broccoli, surprisingly and I hate sprouts.

If not climbing, what sport would you be doing?

I’d be a gymnast because I was a gymnast first.

Give us an inspiring quote (either yours or someone else’s).

“The past is practice.”

For more information about Rachel see her Instagram

Interviewed by Ava

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