10 Questions with … Hannah Slaney

10 Questions with … Hannah Slaney
GB Climbing Team Member & Junior Bouldering Youth World Champion

Thank you to Hannah for letting us interview her during the Battle of Britain 2018 at the Depot in Manchester, on 20th October

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Hannah Slaney. I’m 19 years old and on the GB climbing team

What was your first climbing experience?

My first ever – I started out at a children’s birthday party when I was 8 years old and loved it. The person instructing said I looked really good and said I should come along to the local sessions and I did.

How did you know that climbing was your thing?

I didn’t really know it was my thing, I just loved it. I enjoyed it so I carried on climbing.

Where is your favourite outdoor climb?

Ooh I don’t know. Not particularly an outdoor climber, more indoors although I do really want to get outside more. I would like to climb in the Peak District in the off season, but it’s hard to juggle the outside and the training.

What has been your proudest climbing moment?

Winning the junior world championships. It has to be, doesn’t it? (laughs)

What are your ambitions?

To up my rankings in the senior field and get a better result. Make more semi finals, some finals. Train my best and try hard. See where that gets me.

Lead, Speed or Boulder and Why?

I love both lead and bouldering – it’s all just climbing to me. But bouldering, for me, is more sociable which probably makes it more enjoyable.

What are your most liked and hated healthy foods?

Oh I have no idea! Is peanut butter healthy? Peanut butter is like my favourite thing ever. I’m not a big fan of avocados but don’t think I hate them. I don’t really hate anything.

If not climbing, what sport would you be doing?

Nothing, probably nothing (laughs). I enjoy surfing but probably wouldn’t be doing that. Probably nothing.

Give us an inspiring quote (either yours or someone else’s).

I found this on the wall at Highball, Norwich and really liked it.
“Climb hard, be nice, make a difference”

For more information about Hannah, have a look at her Instagram @hannahslaney

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