COVID-19 has had a terrible effect on many things around the world. In terms of climbing, climbing centres were all closed and, for a lot of 2020, there was no outdoor climbing either but, now we can climb indoors and out and while the weather is still good, let’s get out there. Even if you are not able get outdoors, you can get training ready for your next trip maybe to to some of the great rock in France, Spain or even further afield once that becomes possible.

Most climbing events and competitions have been cancelled but, as any start to be publicised, we will be straight on it loading these onto the website events calendar. Keep your eyes peeled.

For those new to climbing and thinking of trying it for the first time, check out some of our articles for more information and look through our directory of climbing walls. You can filter to find the one offering the classes and facilities you are looking for.

Latest News

Following their request for feedback about the proposed 2021 competition schedule and the tremendous feedback they received, the BMC have now published an article explaining the changes they anticipate making…

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UK wide Junior/Youth Climbing Competitions

Our calendar contains climbing competitions or events open to junior or youth climbers.

Competitions are held all over the country most weeks and many are for all climbers and levels of ability.  Search by date, location, category or climbing type to find details and links to entry forms.

Do let us know if there are any more we have missed.

Indoor and outdoor rock climbing can be for everyone

Rock climbing is a complex mix of strength, fitness, puzzle solving and resilience, which is strangely addictive. It is becoming an increasingly popular sport and in 2020, the world’s best climbers will be on show in the Olympics. Indoor climbing walls are more common, there are outdoor sites across the country so, it’s now easier than ever to have a go and something kids seem to really enjoy.

Indoor Climbing Venues

Climbing is a sport where you just need to have a go. Our venues list contains over 200 indoor venues  from around the UK, so you can find one local to you. Find information about what they offer to support climbing families and how they can help you get started, train and develop.

Our main focus is on their work with young climbers and families, but all venues will of course also support adult climbers finding their way into the sport. 

We send our contributors to meet and interview some of the top climbers, coaches, setters and other inspirational people in the climbing community. 

In just 10 questions we learn a lot more about them, their climbing and what inspires them.

We have tons of helpful articles written by families & young climbers, for families & young climbers. Contributors share their experience and advice from their years of climbing; such as demystifying technical jargon, how it feels to compete and equipment they love.

If you have ideas for articles, we’d love to hear from you. 

From the Youth Climbing Symposium to fun comps, venue parties, equipment demonstrations, climbing movie showings and specialist talks.

Search our events calendar for those special climbing events happening near you.